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contents of the stomach with the raw surface of the ulcer. I

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prominent, and certainly by far the most interesting, are those which

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lished, the etiological agent in these cases is the diplococcus

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medical degree at Groningen by Dr. Bussemaker. It is now reproduced in an enlarged

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by the first and second sacral and the lumbar nerves.

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duty to report all cases of that description to which he may be

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tember, inclusive, ten days-Hiiaking the time to be paid for, twenty

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ommended for ordinary examinations. The staining fluid is a

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distress; digestion was perfect, he was always anxious for his

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variability of the knee-jerks may be observed in the same case ; they may be

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of the stenoses of the bony lumbar vertebral canal Spine 1976; 1:217-225

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manship. The time was when one man made a pair of shoes ; now

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held it to be a scorbutic aflfectioii. One only believed it to be

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clumps of myelin rapidly diminish themselves to fine granules (accord-

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ted to a more special field. In his introduction, Cohnheim

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small capillary arteries and veins • it was more an oozing from

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reference to the activity of a "sentient soul," while Boerliaave, the great upholder

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trypanosome. This condition continues for an irregular period of

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manners of the lion and the tiger leave something to be desired in

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vascular sheaths, muscle). It allows the hypochlorite solu-

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24th. The movements of the abdomen are now fairly good, but still

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experimentalist under this amyl-compound ; he pursues

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lungs, would raise the temperature of the body too high were it not

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of a pasteboard splint, bent at a right angle, and adapted

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region, are sometimes associated with injuries to the base of the

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Cholescintigraphy had a sensitivity of 90 percent and speci-

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may often, however, as pointed out by Abercrombie, afibrd indications of some

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for tumor and for abscess as well as for fractures, suggested opening

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regularly stocked by pharmacies. To be certain that your perfume

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not so it* the patient has been much exhausted, or this appear-

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The change of life, or natural cessation of the menses, is

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place after birth, as the result of the setting-up of the processes