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prosecution of quacks and other unUcensed practitioners within their area, and
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days later from complications. Dr. Ballantyne described the technique
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nose the tremor diminishes. It is not increased by voluntary move-
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hastened to my home in Massachusetts strengthened by your words
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4. If retroversion were mistaken for early pregnancy, or the con-
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lost its lustre, is opaque, and is covered with an exudate varying with the
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to the President of the United States, to members of
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garding diet and other measures. When the fleet was in port he
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receptacle for the urine under the bed. He wore it without diffi-
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light which these discoveries have shed upon our knowledge of the pathology,
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three witnesses who saw him steal it, replied, that that evidence
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Art. XXXIII. — Report on the Epidemics of Blount county, Tenn., during 1856.
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It is observed in tropical countrie.i that severe forma of remittent not
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a>liore late at night, arriving home much exhausted.
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normal in every way, she developed sudden abdominal
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appropriated by the Federal Department of Health for Venereal Disease
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b. Congestions of Internal Organs. — Here there is more or less violent re-
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and in all gunshot wounds of the chest accompanied witli
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tuberculous inflammation. It results in agglutination of
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even wearers may not be wholly safe. Investigations in England, France,
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fungous mass, having a diameter of ten centimetres and
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organism would be in abundance in the circulation, and the curious thing
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long-standing cough; the disease is sometimes hereditary; the
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tissues— spleen, liver, kidneys, marrow - — as are affected in leukemia,
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Mary Meda Rising, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of
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in ; so that, as far as that ovary is concerned, the woman is
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say that was the most important element in the treatment of
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urine may easily spread up into the pelvic cavity and induce cellulitis
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