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little disturbance takes place in the surrounding tissue there is no rea-

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It seems to be the rule that a child must be kept at some

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upper part of cheek are swollen, and feel hard ; the pre-auricu-

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passage. The sheep floor is laid with concrete, but dug

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true cystitis. Cystitis does not necessarily result from the presence of typhoid

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covered with greenish-yellow pus, most marked over both frontal lobes ;

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deemed radical in mj'^ ideas respecting abdominal surgery, I

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The friction between the wheel and the road depends

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Published four times a year — October. December. February and Ayril —

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have always clung to the traditional view, and whose

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than can be secured by one of porous and comparatively uneven

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greater importance to be able to walk all day, and to be protected

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mously, (or, rather, confounds the two conditions;) and although no

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This remark applies especially to another doctor who appears in

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very lectures to the United States' Thomsonian Con-

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coil, vibrating interrupter, 7 amperes in the primary circuit, dura-

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requires,) and in part upon inductive science. But in both ahke, the

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tion of bone between. In addition to the bulging there may be a dis-

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5th of March, 1856. He had not been vaccinated. On the backs

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causes, such as violence to the wounded parts from bad or pro-

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or three instruments; sister made no great outcry, but complained,

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soluble in hot chloroform than in hot acetone. It gives the thalleo-

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possesses, moreover, the advantage of enabling the physician to

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" Among the ancient Mexicans, marriages were solemnized by the priests,

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been already carefully and faithfully detailed, little re-

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into the praecordial dulness, and change of position was never

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proved by E. Fischer to be a trimethylxanthin, the former

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and the cord itself can be exposed and neoplasms and

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such a joint as this may be cured by the | lithotomy by the lateral method is one

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appears first in the clarendon type at the beginning of each

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January 24-27— Midwinter Conference on Chest Disease. ITS at Snowbird

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not dropsical, it would even be prone to do so, he was led to the inference that