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real disposition being, in most cases, more clearly brought out

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cases of incontinence, with 19 cures and only 3 complete failures. M.

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described in my book on " Technique," '■ a graduated series of dilutions

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curette, and removed a small amount of hyperplastic

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ficial teeUi, an artificial eye ; to conceal a hart or lameness,

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into the palm, becoming larger and softer, and at the last fiuctuating. The pain became less

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On the 21st, at G P.M., I first saw the patient, together with his ordinary

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was easily removed, and proved to be the spleen, enlarged

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cers, cancers, scrofula sores, cuts and wounds. This is one

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as a remote result of the degeneration of the blood-vessels, it

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when chorea with rheumatism is rare ; (2) between ten and

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used for burns and scalds. Some surgeons think it a nasty application ; but

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slung from the bedposts in a sheet, lying upon the abdomen, with the catheter in-

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F J 105, 118; studies in serum diagnosis, Cabot, R. C, and Lowell,

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stricken down in a like unaccountable manner, and thus give evi-

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Fort Laramie, September 5, 1892; Whalen Canon, July II

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portion of the scalp), extending downward and to the right,

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•34542 Matthaeus, Antonius. De criminibus ad lib. XLVII.

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Legs, — Generally much wasted ; extensors of thighs almost

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first, for their misfortune in being troubled with so

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doses he was always able to overcome the sleeplessness, and to conquer

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This form of reaction occurred in a series of one of the authors (A.

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and for this purpose Dr. Adolf Havas, in his article on this subject^

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platelets we may obtain information on altered bone marrow activity.

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the fixed catheter causes the evacuation of matter retained by

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revolving shot, he would no doubt have paid the penalty of the

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pure individuals do not exist. Thus, to make Castle's theory of

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Garnett to a government employee, was returned by a

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Esq., and the Rev. John Strachan, afterwards Bishop of

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Altbof, Dr., on oanthoplasty in conjunctival and corneal affections 168

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violated Tile' question then occurs, Was she so violated, or did she labor

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that this limiting concentration upon the swelling of gelatin could

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July 8. — Eestless at night of late ; temperature raised for the

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1817. Dr. W. R. Fowlcr,on the deleterious effects of Ardent Spirits.

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to keep a dam for breeding purposes after she has passed

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sugar could be formed during digestion, and that a certain portion

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Calomel (0'05 grm., two to six times daily) was used by Quincke in