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remains high and, in most cases, significantly is more

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jof the glottis. I have found these folds also in numerous in-

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energy of the parts affected, and will take place in all cases in which

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may not be representative of the general population, data

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Table 2 shows the number of cases of pellagra known to have

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Gull shared all the advantages of an apprentice ; he gave

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capable of using this instrument with intelligence and an

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this train of investigation, it would already be an important step

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a pleasant sense of compression and support. After an hour's delightful

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lesions; and, 3d, that, in the other cases, it is quite suffi-

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been introduced (to cite the familiar experience of Plymouth five years

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the quick wallc being one-half the duration of the pendolum-swin^ of the lower

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ple and light shoe to keep the foot in the same position gained

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One of the very commonest plants in all our hills and mountains,

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throwal of the plank, an irremediable condition in which the

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ministration as well as in those of the several States, for an advisory

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report to the Surgeon-General on the permanganate of

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corporis, to which attention has been directed by Dr.

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Transactions of the American Pediatric Society. First Ses-

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They are like wife ufeful in this refpeel, that purga-

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and electric fans keej) it in motion. Ample ice-chest and

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any ileal or colic stasis, some of the barium sulphate being passed the

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new growth, is not a common cause of chronic jaundice. H. D.

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It is then but a question of treating a local affection. The local

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food which the stomach can handle is an essential. Caswell,

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condition. These growths are to be distinguished from tubercles

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1900 b.— Idem. [Abstract by J. M. Swan] <Phila. M. J. (132), v. 6 (1), July 7,

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it appears continuous with the spine, and in front, where

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eminent investigator. We fear that German observers do not always

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and often valualile combination. Free stimidation is needed in many

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ing physician, at the outset, as a basis for a persistent

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rally, however, but lingered on in this collapsed state for almost three entire

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Osteopathic." Especial thanks are due to Dr. F. P. ^

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are capable of being "shelled out," and the attempt to do so involves

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[whose pituitaries are in a location similar to that in

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The conditions therefore among pneumococcus are different from

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place this form of diarrhcea in the sudoral class, although, in

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Effects of deranged functions of the liver. General symptoms and causes.

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Divide the deep fascia and draw the internal popliteal