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throughout the States. The concluding words of the article are

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patellar tendons, but knee jerks are nearly always absent.

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citement, the stimulus and irritation of anything approaching to

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half, a lml<f more o^ ad5)rding to their age, of the

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{Post scriptum, July 31, 1915. — Since the meeting Dr. Adamson has

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under the care of a surgeon who diagnosticated her disease to be a

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may have confidence in, to expunge from the system all possible seeds

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the main sinus. Another sinus comes down ', remedy of importance; and some of them

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pressure was elevated to the angle of the jaw at 45 degrees,

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JOHN MITCHELL, F.C.S. Sixth Edition. Edited by W. CROOKES,

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It is not necessary to make a large incision, excepting in cases in which

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totally blind, except in the right lower quadrant, the bUndness

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to be given every two hours, with a teaspoonful of brandy in a table-

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in apposition with its fluorescent surface. At a distance of a little more

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found in the more chronic cases of irritation by some active chemical agent.

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M'Grigor for preservation in the Army Medical Museum, and he

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old, exhibited to me the external genitals covered with minute,

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Anaesthesia in obstetrics much is to be looked after. There

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it a digression, to give to the term " percentage " its

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minded persons; and creating in each community public sentiment for

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mission. A permanent organization was formed to be known as the

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every two hours from two to three days. I should then

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nucleus and cell body stained red, whereas the nuclear bodies took on

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see no flow of milk follow, but at the end of so long a time will often

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to the center of the fluoroscopic screen and marking the skin

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ful attack of pleuro-pneumonia of the left lung. Pleurisy was

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Gerald, formerly of Hyde Park, now of Laconia N. H., is much

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The Gums. — Various forms of stomatitis {q.v.) exert their most charac-