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faintness, the extremities become cold and clammy, and beads

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temesis is much lessened and the pain ceases rapidly. He is

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nosis with colleagues. The data are shared with the physi-

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one. Before Hippocrates, the Egyptian priest-physicians were the

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suited for the application of any vesicant which we may intend to apply, instead

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M. Livois seems, however, to have settled the question by

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into the body in a numiber of ways. Any means may be employed

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may predispose to disease by the continued exposure to heat or

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relief of suffering women. Those who are inclined to

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from marasmus, the third was quite sudden (in a baby who was

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ends of the peripheral nerves — those that supply the skin. Some

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valuable data concerning this method of temperature falls and continues to fall

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ding the disease to originate in morbid nervous excitement, it

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them, the haemoptysis is mainly to be ascribed to organic disease

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the most successful operations in the country. Dr. Carl D. Neidhold, of Appleton

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muscle. Hemorrhage is stopped at every point by ligat-

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Thorough irrigation was done, and one catgut suture was

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ness, which so often is a prominent feature in women,

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of syphilis by large doses of the iodide of potassium : " Two

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are often attended to if the dispenser happens to be

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later. If so, here has been mentioned the one danger

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1st. In the first place, as to the tongue, at an advanced period of

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6pideniiques. 30 pp. 8'^. Sirashoury, chez D&i-

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I would like to caution the members of the association, if they

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sentations of every other organ ; its chief duty being to harmonise the

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Rundschau. 1899 xiu. 497 517 — Tilo (() A.) Uprazh

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of spinal epilepsy by irritation of the great toe.:|: I was soon

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injected subcutaneously into each of four guinea-pigs. Twelve to

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the liver the assimilated contents of the stomach and in-

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By selecting thin bits of the mesentery containing small blood-

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larged greatly, two being fully as large as an ^^g. Pain con-

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development of Nicola'ier's bacillus in a pure state.

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oeomatosis. The two first of these are objectionable because the primary

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part of the mass of any known particle of matter. The

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per day was not sufficient for the needs of the body, even with

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as the patient did not present signs of that trouble. Could it bo

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AI«o adapted as a Reader for High Schools, and an a Text-book