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and either reaspirated or, better still, allowed to syphon off, a long
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viscid fluid. The escape of this was followed by a diminution in
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tion of nitrate of mercury, or the glycerine of carbolic acid.
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to the comprehension of the physiology of normal colour vision.
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•organism which in its various stages is strikingly similar
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Stebbins, J. R. Chadwick, B. H. Fitz, II. P. Walcott.
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Topusco, Lipik, and Toplit:. There is also for the Landwehr an estab-
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Mortality of England in 1856.-— Of 890,506 deathaia the vear, the causes were not speci-
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It is an interesting and as yet unexplained fact that the increase in
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colon the diet should consist principally of farinaceous
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We are in receipt of a circular and programme of the
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In S-M-A the amino acid content— the growth-promoting factors, methionine
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The following description is taken from Bulletin No.
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malarial fever, New York, Baltimore and District of Columbia,
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sible resistance in its flight through the air. There is one slight
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Patient was in the calorimeter December 4 and January 5. For clinical data
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case in which hooping-cough had the same effect at the age of
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