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Bactroban Scrub

recurrent vesicular eczema of the hands for a year ; at no time

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Acid: Antipyrine Salicvlate — Salol— Salophen—

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ments and disease of the womb, and in not a few cases have seen it mate-

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sion and auscultation, emphysema affords results the reverse

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Lieut Col. Dreyer, who will shortly work with them in an advisory capacity

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On the whole, the report is extremely creditable to the hospital

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is but in a very limited degree, and only provided the divergency is moderate.

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provided only that it be from a " chartered" medical insti-

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be more than probable that the virus of poliomyelitis, cerebrospinal men-

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small-pox there will die of that distemper one in live or

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small attendance at the annual scliool meetings, lack of visita-

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patient suffered from cerebro-spinal softening, the result of inflammation,

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process of nutrition — a process which so eminently characterizes living

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liquid acts as a cardiac poison, causing death by stoppage of the

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cases, but it does not completely fulfil the object sought for. I have

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chancre, and also if taken from the gland itself, will produce

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result from these efforts to relieve the pruritus. In some cases the

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by a calculus or by the contraction of a cicatrix following ulceration does

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Dr. Lusk to become a consultant. He accepted the position, and

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burgh Royal Infirmary, etc. 8vo, pp. 670. Philadel-

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transfusion, and their excretion lasts twelve hours or more. In con-

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vided, there escaped a large quantity of serous fluid in which

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the inclosing of the suture line with an autoplastic fat

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conditions; that human instinct is a valuable guide, and as

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opposite kidney still continues. I need but refer to the

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invasion of other organs, it is probable that the after-