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and left attached to the vagus. The vagus trunk in the thorax
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Seven tubes of fat-free milk were inoculated with Bacillus pyogenes.
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so disposed, let us deny them the whole. One member, the Hon. Mr.
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directly after a sexual act, occurring during a menstrual )>eriod. The
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puffed up, not seeking his own. He was, I think, in all respects a
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The relations, if any, between putrefactive changes and the
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to the age and strength of the individual. This amount ought to
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inclined backwards; and I have oflen found it pathologicatty
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ants boimd up the cut with his garter, took him home,
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and feeling that she could not have been deceived for " seeing
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deduce positive and satisfactory conclusions therefrom, were it not for
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the young parasites of aestivo-autumnal infections (Figs. 1 to 7), as well as the
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tical medicine, surgery, and obstetrics, and for a just esti-
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tococci are described as growing in long chains in bouillon and staining well with
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respective countries and the world at large to such a degree that
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to have wasted. On admission to hospital he was passing from
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monstrated to you on the artificial eye. We throw light
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ness in its earlier stages and those which may be produced in
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no man need go dirty or slouehy, and [every man when he goes
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cysts throuijh the vagina. — Neu^ Yoi-k Medical Jour-
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claimed for the preparation by its manufacturers are
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Table IV contains a summary of an experiment in which the total
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against infection caused by different gram-negative bac-
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Douching after Labor. — Vaginal douching is unneces-
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sity Hospitals after a short period in the local hospital for
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breath after some exertion, as making an ascent, and
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24 hours, then add the sublimate. Must be made as fine as
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much less cost than that of the more nauseous and unpleasant medica-
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the other tissues instead of twisting the artery. Torsion must not be
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varieties of field corn have proved better than flint.
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