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benefit to many ; the dryness of the atmosphere, and

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«N\rNr4 m thc^ m;r(j^i:aA: cat aI siwi$; ;<ij;$ ihnst^ At least tvo lajers of this

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with increasing rates of atherosclerosis, and dietary fats

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pint of gin); decrease the quantity if slight pains in the

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6. Fkeek. — Annals of Surgery, Art. on " Extra-peritoneal Cysts."

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with a case of phthisis where cough is the prominent symptom,

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ascribed an undue importance to this reaction. If the fluids of

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Dr. Stowees said he had failed to detect any abnormal pulsation in the

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1904 a. — Kunstliche Parthenogenese <Zool. Jahrb., Jena, Suppl. 7, Festschr. z.

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"It must be confessed," continues the same writer, '' that this is

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tear out some of the fibrillar structures. These retain their con-

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with a healthy mucous membrane, will set up an inflammation

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factor in classifying the fetus as a human being for purposes

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our space will not permit us to enter. (See the author's

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been used in dressing ulcers, both in powder and in

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tration was 1 : 45,000. The duration of exposure 30 seconds. Begun Feb. 20,

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was almost completely cured, was discharged from the hospital.

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sans clitoris, saws ovaries, and even sans uterus, will be able

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<3oes not sink during urination. The uterus contracts during labour,

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and the mass of material collected is so great that it is difficult to

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How fortunate that Dr. Slobodien has maintained those

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Men of 30, for example, are placed in the 30 to 40 period.

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before, Watson wrote that " the great instruments to be em-

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itself independently of motives. He expects, on the other hand, at this stage of

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locking the limb in a tetanoid spasm. The prevailing muscles, notably

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brought a foot down, and soon completed the labor with the aid of the patient's

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