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Aural Sclerosis." By Perry Dickie, M.D., Brooklyn, N.Y.

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629 Southeast Washington Ave., Minneapolis, Minnesota

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various caustics, but which, notwithstanding all the remedies resorted to, con-

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at the Notre Dame Hospital. The appendix was removed and Lane's short-

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causes a spasmodic and powerful contraction of the muscles of

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of the other twenty-four died during periods of observation ranging

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which I refer, you will see a case "in which the liver weighed 3,300

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A separate building of wood construction, lying about 50 yards

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No accidents occurred in the future management of the

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2500 West Sixth Street, Los Angeles, California 90057

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maintain was right, though only partially successful, since an

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Duncan, that philosophic surgeon whose Clinical Lectures with

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It is hardly necessary to consider in detail the advan-

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give purgatives, don't need anything; will get well himself, but you must

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of the mesial fillet ascend to the Eolandic as well as to other cortical

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repeatedly occurred which could not possibly be ex-

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even temporarily, his contracts and deeds are valid. A will executed in

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Treatment ; with an Introduction on the Physiology of Digestion and Assimilation, and

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retains a touching and beautiful faith in nerve tonics and nerve foods.

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effect, and as generally applicable in cases of pulmonary tuber-

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at work in different portions of the lungs, as here elicited by the

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great a tendency among officers and men in a tropical country

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disorders, and in secondary syplailis. Dose, 5 to 10

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and after the operation and subsequent recovery, and there is at this

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The pains liable to be confused with real sacrache are all in the

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ments at intervals for ten or fifteen minutes or longer,

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used in the plant and is apparently high in assimilable nitrogen,

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some exposed part, often the upper lip, or other portion of the

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hours my patient continued well ; suddenly she took a cold

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Fricks, L. D., assistant surgeon. To report to Passed As-