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transparent or translucent, but not transparent like healthy urine ;

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full of nutrition, and the best grass known for grazing purposes.

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pressed. This must not be accompanied with much pulling,

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administration of an anesthetic to an animal is not an as agreeable process as

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Dr. BoLAM said he did not regard the cultures as Achorion Quinckeanum.

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rent cancer of the breast, with the usual history of such cases,

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eased mucous membranes in cases of aphthae or thrush. The

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* pp. 15 and 16, '■^ p. 19, ^ p. 20, * pp. 28-30, ^ pp. 35-37, * p. 42 : " Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of

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settled upon the one below the patella, and he does

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by enrolling him in the honoured list of its Corresponding Members.

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The states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Mis-

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difficult on account of the spread of the lower extremities.

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days. In 1880 34.512 inches were measurt^d on, however, only

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