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partially vascularized, while normal semilunar valves never contained

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was a distinct disappearance of dextrose from solutions perfused

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tion fin the tissui-s ; desatiiration may he the process liy which the mole

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has been emphasized that the association of hypertrophic bone changes

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LeRoux, R., and Chanton, M.: Dysembryone Complexe de

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The air in the culture chambers is replaced by pure gases or a

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’The following insurance was in force at the close of the

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him indoors until September 21. On that day^ his physician allowed

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intimate this affiliation, the closer the proximity of the two institutions,

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for other operations. The marrow and cancellated tissue of the long

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The indications are that by the end of the year 1907 the counties of

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are in accord with the protective action of ovalbumin upon colloidal

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served in a histoplasmia positive, tuberculin negative indi-

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factual matter is derived from many fields. It is up-to-

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if (■(/•(/);•.// liiriili:,ilioii. '['\iv I'lVivi- iii-u.lii I !■> rriiKival or sliiiiulatioii (.!'

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sis, that the effective renal blood flow can be in-

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necessarily an improvement. Although they all bred for the same

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with an emulsion of* one of the mesenteric lymph glands contracted tubercu-

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the central nervous stimulant of choice. Dexedrine is remarkable in that it spares

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sion, it was voted to adopt the resolution in principle

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is thickened and inelastic and the i/ntimal surface has an appearance

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media, that it is impossible to establish any positive point at which

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carcasses in Chicago, it will be seen, are fully 8 cents a pound lower

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Even in this group of cases, however, the pulmonary sclerosis does

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stressed the evaluation of the heart in terms of what it

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sever a person from his job but are directed to the

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In recent years a number of societies known as breeding societies

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to a developmental error rather than to an intra-uterine inflammatory

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On physical examination no general glandular enlargement was noted.

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What is said here of the treatment of tubercular carcasses may be applied also to

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thyroid Is the greatly thickened capsule— ^he fibrosis extends

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Of the report of the Bureau of Animal Industry, 30,000 copies, of which 7,000

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marked or stamped " U. S. Inspected and Passed " and which upon inspection is found to

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that she threw herself; viciously bit her now bleeding legs and

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lumbia (1949); V. V. Wood, St. Louis (1950); F. T. H’Doubler,

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III' till' iiiiini.'il ..!■ ir.|iiii..l .iiil> un.liT iTii.-iiii .•..nilili..iis. We must nls..

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fused for a period of 15 to 40 minutes with a Locke's solution contain-

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very valuable animal with a championship record for speed, that

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As for adopting these cooperative societies in other countries, it