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Benzedrine Inhaler Abuse

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The terms of office of Drs Robert S. Young and George Gillett Thomas
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substance of the gland. Cattle fed on dry hay and grain,
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which they do not naturally belong, cannot properly be regarded
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Within the next century we have the names of Sydenham,
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mental state and his pulse and respiration a])})roached healthful conditions.
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Diana L. Logan, B.A. 1990. Johns Hopkins LIniversity
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fected in the following manner: — Atriight she awoke suddenly from sleep, and
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as she did then. Is it possible that she has, through the shock,
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of cases of strangulated hernia are reported as relieved by
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spection as required by the Manual for the Medical Department. He
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fluid soon re-accumulates in amount sufficient to re-produce
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Anodynes are too frequently given after operation to allay
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sleep, for I was distracted by a pot of porridge which
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balming, in short any of the modes resorted to by nations, depending upon their
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nothing more will be found than the fact that he did not like to associate
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reaches a point at 500 yards' distance from the muzzle of the rifle
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In its present application vaginal section constitutes the most recent
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only in his individual and perfected relations, but also as a unit
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almost entirely with pulmonary tuberculosis, and its complications;
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American clergy — men who, instead of practising a heterodox
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eyes and face. The eyes turned to the right, then the
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practice which might be adopted as a sort of compromise. A newspaper
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months. Lailler states it to be from twelve to fif-
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dred dollars, and in January, 1589, he shifted agatn
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and vifcera. We all live by our own milk \ but it is
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peutic effects are notoriously uncertain, its chemistry is in a state
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benzedrine methedrine and dexedrine are all
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the shores of a lake at 9,000 ft. on the Grand Teton, August 21,
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whose urine was not albuminous, and who made no complaint of
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Dr. J. W. S. McCuUough, Chief Officer of Health, Ontario, delivered
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