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this has been confirmed for the nerve cells of the cat by Mr. T. K.

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protein, on the other; it will therefore depend on the amounts of these

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in so far as it will prevent, in a large manner, the use of these

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when uttering some interlocutory phrase of dry humour,

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sent, by operation, and this for the sake of prompt relief is urgent, a small puncture

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vomit ensuing." Blair says : "The intermittent fever is so

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This proceedeth by reason of the diversity of the humoiu*s ;

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circumference near the pole, and the action of these currents is to

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the individual ordered, the conclusion would be inevitable that

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be added many cases of true lobar pneumonia, of pleuro-pneumonia,

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Burnett and Pearce found a polynuclear leucocytosis in severe

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in which he handled the sessions. The proposition of

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18. ScHippEBS, J. C: The value of luetin reaction in pediatrics. Zschrft. f.

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trolled conditions, protective and curative, but owing, it would seem, mainly

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beyond the opening, a clip can be put behind the gut as in the inguinal

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Removal of Clots from the Bladder. — M. Paul Nogu^s

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the better that they have but little nosological meaning. They are

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Hydrocephalus Resulting from Strictures of the Aqueduct of Sylvius. 213

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common symptom of the earliest stage ; patients may sleep almost as

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powder of peculiar odor and bitter taste. Used as a laxativfe ; acts

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each one the relation of cause and effect seems un-

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vessels, while in the second instance we would have a shrivelled skin, of

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tabhshments, where they are requu"ed for educational or experi-

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tion have taken phice the mortality will be very slifjht.

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calomel. She "asks for bread and gets a stone." But she gra-