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If the intestines contain no gas, or are adherent to the abdominal

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filth, famine, and overcrowding. The contagium may be communicated

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loss of appetite. The soreness of the throat is early made apparent by

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belief in the doctrine of contagion is, that whilst it gives no protec*

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lism of the corresponding artery, and may be caused by a twist of the

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When the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory

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is the removal of its cause. In most cases this is impossible, but it is

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ably more certain in its action ; its bitterness, however, makes it more

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a wave be transmitted throughout the abdomen as in ascites. The en-

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it is better to allow Hamburg steaks or broiled or baked tender meats,

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teemed, than opinions and deductions, however plausible, a report of

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an assertion. In the advanced stages of the disease the peculiar prone or

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tients restored to their usual health in a very few days. When thuB

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again one observes repetitions of the same, and we may say in surgery,

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The great toe and the ends of the fingers are apt to be especially out

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into one another, the term vertigo has come to be employed as including all disorders

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and multiple lymphomata in the viscera were associated. Malaria, syph-

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trional, twelve grains. In obstinate cases the best results are obtained

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or increased, the specific gravity 1010 and upward, the percentage of al-

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Under this term are to be considered the pathological processes in-

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tracted muscular strain, or increased size of the organ. Prolapse of the