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their influence. Indeed, according to the important microscopical researches

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called, to avoid the contact of things proclaimed to be unclean.

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The local application of the aqueous solution of opium affords great relief.

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livmg medical men, but whom, in the natural order of

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think, not much. The second, and most important factor, is to be

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of the morbid growth, are essential, but in cancer of the

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their disease, present the symptoms of cachexia, and then, all at

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Following is a report upon each variety fruiting in

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Diseases of Throat and Ear, Monday, 4 p.m. Vaccination, Thursday, 3 P.M.

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logical interdependence, into three main divisions, each of which should

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phthisis and presents therewith any degree of emaciation. On the other

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should this be done if vomiting follow feeding. Gentlemen

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" help him habitually, and what amount of knowledge relating

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cessful ; and if without the benefit of such opportunities as a large

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the cases were complicated by catarrhal symptoms, and in the third case there

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most t»'Xt-h()okH, ami arc certainly (IrHerviiif^ of mori'

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of this (if it be a fact, as it seems to be) is unknown.

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once every month. Are we to regard the tuberculous disease of the

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pulled and pushed out of line there. If I find curva-

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Thus, even when during the last two years as many as

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do Buch acts as are conimonl} T known as the practice of medicine,

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clothes,- or having laid out in the night air. The cases of diarrhcea also

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peared slightly distended. The pylorus was represented by a atony-hard, olive-

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in each. Again, the bowels having been moved shortly after the operation, or otherwise, if

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expectant career is already stirring the ambition (or compelling it,

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sit up — by that I mean, two or three hours after delivery — the

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fungoid tumours of considerable size ; inside the anus the mucous mem-

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softening in the motor area of the cortex on the same side, and conse-

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In the hist few months many <;ood medical societies

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The escape of considerable blood from the ear, followed by a straw

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The diagnosis must be confirmed by radiography or by dis-

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that the nature of the disease is suspected and continue it through-

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fore, dislocations happen most frequently." f The influence which

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that paralysis of one side of the body which occurs in the first six

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interests of the whole profession. Essays, reports of cases, and correspondence upon subjects of pro-

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quently must be also of the Egyptian cult. The peo-

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characteristic of mercurialism, appeared. Death occurred on the twenty-