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Avhich a large amount of attention is paid to diet, and feel that, in all



be done, those which are generally current in their own State will be received, so

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America, as compared with the crania of the South American Indiana

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into short rods may be incomplete ; but as soon as sporulation com-

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been %choUy suspended, that is, when sleep has been perfect^ should the

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had excessive headache, and neuralgic pains in various parts of the

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portion of antitoxin in the serum the dose can be accurately calculated.

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pulse, a low temperature, pallor of the face and extremities, and retro-

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The osseous envelop of the brain does not present any particularity

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is unquestionable; indeed, there are already indications that the locali-

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fever originates in disorder of the nervous centres, producing pyrexia and

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and though the spasms were in great measure controlled by it, I thought

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Jauja, according to Archibald Smith, during a whole year the tempera-

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painful application ; I have used this sulphoricinic phenol and believe

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explain the occurrence of these diseased motions, except a slight degree

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vessel or tubule; and having reached the tubules they may then find

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contains the less powerful is the direct or radiant sun heat.

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chondritis and exfoliation of the cartilages. As yet typhoid bacilli have

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many cases, some of which were of a very unfavorable character. It is

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sitely tender. In cases of fsecal accumulation, the nurse may be desired

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of weight or oppression at the pit of the stomach, and there is reason to

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Medical Examination. — The nurse must be ready to remove and ad-

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Materia Medica and Botany, and the latter to that of Obstetrics and Dis-

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divided into thirty powders. From three to twelve of these are given in

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The beneficial effects of fibrin formation in serous cavities have been

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tion of the same strength : before they are sent to the laundry they should

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chapter xliii. Fourteenth Century (The Black Death): — 9. Hecker. Eoid^mii-s of

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applies with equal force to the bacteria themselves. Klein and others

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Irregular action, with feebleness of impulse and confused rhythm, is

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son, are worthy of attention. << Children are benefited by living princi-

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ing up along the whole course of the fibre, and the axis cylinder also

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the parasite changes its appearance under the action of the surround-

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of convalescence, a distinct interval having elapsed since the acute

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dwellings, or, at least, does not reach them in a state of full concentra-