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own, and, finally, as the pustule to which they now and

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powerful in such cases as an external apphcation ; but,

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essentially transient nature of this kind of relief that

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Eeneath the tricuspid valve was a large spot of ecehy-

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edges ; and then it is that foetor is perceived. The mi-

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also other adjuncts, according to symptoms ; as bleeding,

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their infants during the time of industrial depression.

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results of any lasting or acute affection of the arti-

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boy who first felt ill had also been much exposed to the

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lity when no obligation exists for maintaining a particular

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one years of my life, I would then either have been con-

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in conformity with the statements made in Council. It

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that famous year of grace (or money-making) deluged

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that the health of the patient was incapable of sup-

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displaced from its once accredited position as a valuable

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duties of Examiner at the University would be effi-

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its own special antidotes, somewhere or other to be

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but the pericardial sound could be heard ; and signs of

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passages in consequence of paralysis of the larynx ;

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ences induced from cases mistaken for true catalepsy,

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osa used at Guy's ; five for Lotio Hydrarg. Bichlor.,

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If he be thus gifted, it is a peculiar coincidence that

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at the Pos;, Office, Tottenham Court Koad. Bankers — Unity Bauk

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that more extended experience tends to lessen the im-

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gical Society ; Dr. Thorburn ; Dr. J. O. Fletcher ; The

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of the goitre, for Begbie found the inferior vena cava

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efficient dispenser 1 He cannot be ever at his elbow-

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Queen, gave the boy the name of Alfred Victor, accom-

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applied to it by Alibert. It is also known as herpes

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We request respectfully that you will have the good-

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Volunteers. ( A. V.= Artillery Volunteers; E.V.=Rifle