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can guide the diagnosis and management of acute lower

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stance of great relief to painful symptoms, and a posi-

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served at regular intervals. The drug should be used with caution in patients with impaired

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caine, but the patient, who had agreed with that manner of jicrforni-

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always. . The extract of belladonna applied to the cervix has

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become progressively oedematous, the process spreading from an original

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Vinegar is considered indispensable in the kitchen ;

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Charles Alexander Macnab, Lanarkshire; Elizabeth Christie, Glasgow; Thomas

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4. Rapid heart without notable morbid association. Cases of this kind have

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Tanner, N. B., 544; Ware, C. E., 244, 294; Waterman, J. H., 544;

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"in a state of deep shock." The marked vasoconstriction is very plain in the left ear, the ves-

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carrot at hand, an onion will have the same effect, but unless

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of the operative technic that it makes possible the transmission

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preference to the external iliac, and I should so select it again ; of course, on

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importance is that, in all probability, if only digestion be continued long enough,

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to recover a sum of money alleged to be owing as the

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Such a scandalous betrayal of confidence ought not to be

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sacs, but desire now to speak of them more extendedly. They

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Elements of Surgical Pathology. By Augustus J. Pepper, M.S.,

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action of specific tonics, such as hydrastis, nux vomica and

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(March, 1887) the brown colouration is very slight, but can

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1st. Coaptation of Large Bleeding or Scarified Surfaces. This

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ten years, both the number and the quality of graduate students

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make up the advantages of community life, but I wa3 sure the practices