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patient endured tlie operation very well and remained
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therapeutic or curative. We extract the following :
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hygienic, and the habits irregular or intemperate. They may be, but are
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presumed, as a physician, or otherwise enact, and order some
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teristics, we, in the majority of instances, do not
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powers as a ' mob-orator,' named Paul Diday, bids fair to gain great privileges,
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dry details of etiology, clinical history, pathology, diagnosis
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spora or flocculi held in suspension which, being received into
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could be traced. That fact, however, led to the fourih observation —
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doing good, for we have to-day the mystery of his presence
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the bleeding comes from every direction. I am inclined
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measured the capacities of lungs of 630 boys and 314
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one, then the loss of heat by evaporation from the skin is
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allude to an extremely rare case observed by Rayer, in which an
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much swelling and local discomfort, the temperature is normal, and the
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as developed, are in this vicinity denominated by other
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and the comparative merits of different modes of treat-
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the number of single operations to 47.o, and the deaths to 115, with a mortality
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the intellect and make it rich, is neither easy nor
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His average day's work became heavier than that above stated, and
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Tubercular phthisis, or pulmonary tuberculosis, is a constitu-
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as to the meetings for the coming Session owing to the War, and asked
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except medicine ; but in this science, which all admit has room for
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perfectly hard and dry, will be retained by an irritable stomach
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Girondons were executed in 31 minutes, j casualty or interference with the public
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them lie ii a scamp. The new friend being of an entirely opposite tempera-
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may have confidence in, to expunge from the system all possible seeds
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coats small collections of lymphoid cells. The trabec-
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softening of the bones of the pelvis, in common with all the bones of