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have been previously marching, and begin to deploy and to form

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of no pretensions — either from his action, formation, or

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to have communicated to his wife, for she suffered from an abun-

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The important distinction that obtains between the vitality

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physicians, and students, yet it does not, as some other

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Effusions into the pleural cavity became increasingly frequent, and

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Advised whiskey, tonics, generous diet, and exercise in the open air.

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chronic Bright's disease. The whole of the csecum and large intestine was

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operative treatment. The mortality of the other 25 per cent, is from

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low fever and nurses who rendered satisfactory ser-

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Eastern, should petition Congress to take this matter up

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meningeal irritation takes place or as soon, in fact, as extension from

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relative proportions of proteids, hydrocarbons and carbo-

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tice of Obstetric Medicine, p. 254) ; N. H. Byford {Theory and

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The pancreatic juice produced by the injection of secretin, like that

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sary for him to give up all idea of completing his studies.

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20, Haileybury 16, Sudbury 36, North Bay 12, Midland 9, Orillia 9,

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times folded and dipped in cold water is very effective

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At the time the egg leaves the parent worm the embryo, though

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military life. There are several factors in this: (a) The greater difficulty

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be best acquainted with the patient and his family, he

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tissue, arising from the supra-posterior part of the canon bone,

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very expensive pigment. It is artificially imitated in

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general impression that if the disease has attacked the larynx,

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the urine a fecond time. After this we are to regu-

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This brings the total number of districts in which the Act