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blessed Queen Anne. So when Joanna's prescriptions for

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the morning of the operation the bowels are emptied by injec-

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{Im.) and then ascends into the tectiun mesencephali (figs. 4 to 6).

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erysipelas and fevers) 21.S, acute lung diseases 315, con.sumption

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scaly, with a grayish-white, dirty-looking, thin crust

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evidence of the contagion of phthisis by Dr. Burney Yeo.

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tubes of Bellini, could not be reckoned amongst the results of

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The point of rupture in the vessel cannot always be made out.

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vigorously. It is an extremely anf ractious mass, rugous on its sur-

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tain a higher proportionate mortality from scrofula than the counties of, Lan-

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enough toward practical ends. It would be a blessing indeed did

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The cow was slaughtered on July 18 and the udder was obtained for further

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balance, in those who are to take our places, when we drop the chrysalis

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be oj)tained. The economic value of this test in the warfare against

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rally: I have the support of all good Doctors and of

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ter in the fourth degree — just no degree at all. It is

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it fluctuated considerably, often rising in the evening to 103°

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do a little punning himself. " Well, that's not bad, either,"

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proudly pulls them down to dazzle the eves of old Dr.

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supervened, and three pains were sufficient to complete the do-

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them ; and a spore is thus formed, which in due time germi-

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ful food for cattle. The wood is very hard and white, and burns like a

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Effects of deranged functions of the liver. General symptoms and causes.

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therefore, that previous paralyses had not passed off

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together with the ball, were said to have been extracted. His general con-

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from a gland about the base of the appendix in Rabbit 146, and one

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subsequently during their hospital stay. Patients admitted