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FORT NEW \M a TERX>A^l .vjwfiSflgl NEW YORK 1 r ) 1

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the Naval School at Annapolis to his promotion to the rank of

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lows : Eye and ear clinic, — 1 . Separation of the retina ; 2. Gon-

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ticed at Northampton, Mass., and in Boston, and then removed to

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standing he has had a very extensive general practice, and

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The starting point of all the newer investigations in the domain of blood

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surgeon to the New York Hospital in 1856. On the death of Dr.

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University of Maryland in 1867, and then spent some

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perform the most extraordinary movements, talk volubly,

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became more quiet, and lay in a deep stupor until the night of

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trized, and the lung had returned to its normal condition.

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business as usual during the remainder of the winter, and the

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but very deficient with regard to retaining the fracture in

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Capt. B., aet. 52. Been sick two years; trouble been diag-

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Dr Hunt's first wife was r;iiiabcth E,, daughter of

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a work of a very advanced character giving his views. In 1826 he

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partial excisions of neuromata should be done, followed by direct

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uary 13, 1806. Educated at Nelson's Grammar School, Columbia

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the bone marrow. Here, therefore, the anaemia certainly was not the result

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almost as soon as swallowed. At the outset there is some fever ;

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science are the discovery of the acid-sublimate solution

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Dr. Williams of Chicago spoke of his treatment of the dis-

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to Gynaecology and Abdominal Surgery. He has reached the moun-

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tradicted by the facts of experience. We know, for certain, that the supply

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ciety, president, 1902 ; Erie County Medical Society : was founder of

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insures thorough teaching. Dr. Ferguson was Professor of

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lasting impressions of our lives are received beneath the

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converted during his illness, later entered the college, and

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antiseptic and haemostatic. Clots of blood, free splinters,

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acid, as the symptoms seemed to require. Improvement is tak-

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phor, and other medicines were taken. One remarkable case

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Ever since the time of his service as interne at the Methodist Epis-

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the apparatus is small. For the upper limb, the model of

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that Dr. J. Marion Sims has left an autobiography of sev-

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Dr. Baker's father, the Kev. Abijah R. Baker, D,D.,

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only the surgeons, but also the general pubHc, there is no