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linear cicatrices in the direction of the vein. Cupping is de-
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Discussion : Here is a case with evidence of an early syphilitic
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is invaded last will keep it last." He further states that the
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the rescue. There were no anatomical changes, except men-
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of such combined therapy may outweigh the benefits. The combination should be used only
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Von den Beriberi-Symptomen sind es die nervOsen StOrungen, die uns
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this great honor. Doctors, as civilians, have ever stood ready
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This is especially important in helping to direct his conduct
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much. The manner in which the vessels are torn apart is
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discontinued the commissioning of physicians in the Medical Corps. This
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Nursing. — Statistics for January, 1918. — Number of new cases, 201 ;
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the war that each man should direct his efforts along the lines
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was to him a great delight to be admitted to the cellar in which the
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- bosl a> to receive any appreciable quantity of the parental faeces
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always present. The rules are subject to a great variety of
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for fraud and exaggeration, and it is not improbable that a vast
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Another case from the author's own notes illustrates how
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of certain cerebral sedatives, such as opium, morphin, chloral,
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At the same time a greenish discoloration appears about the
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end of the femur until the center of ossification is revealed as
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Dr. Guenin estimates that two in every thousand burials are
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regular service like ammunition wagons or the ravitaillement
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frequently used. Sometimes, also, the color of the primary
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However, whether or not the murderer is known or undiscov-
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38. Theze, Le traitement de beriberi. Ann. Hyg. et Med. colon. 13. 16. 1910.
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Left to right- — Miss Anna O'Connor, Albany; Miss Ruth Spencer, Albany; Miss Cora McKay,
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Taylor 1 gives the following as the usual questions likely to
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But if you succeed in this, once, what have you done then? It is an
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of temperature upon the viscosity was comparatively trivial, that is to say,
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Moistening with either water or urine will mitigate a condition of
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be found, and these even, perhaps, greatly crumbled. It was
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ing upon his inspection of a dead body recently taken from
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gold link from a watch-chain into the thorax, where it was
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punched a hole in the lateral wall of the nose over the sac, and
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