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In the earliest period medicine and religion developed together, the

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as in so doing the hand becomes so oedematous as to interfere materially with

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marked than in the case of gastric irritation. Wasting is very common,

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type. They could, however, be grown at the ordinary temperature on all

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some degree there is a predisposition in males to cancer of the stomach. In

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dition of mother or child warrants, a hydrostatic bag may be used to aid

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emunctories kept active, and a taste for food established. When the

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exercise such as digging, pitching hay, etc. This form of pain in

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consequence of the fatty degeneration of the liver and kidneys, the

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quite a number of varieties have been described, such as the miliary

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Stilling's or Isharahas' colour charts for the recognition of colour blind-

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There is emotional excitement, and for the time being the individual is

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observers, working under the direction of Naunyn in his laboratory at

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The present pregnancy normal until about 2 weeks previous to entry to

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Captain Edwin ('am])bell ^fcVrthur. Greenwood, B.C., a

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nine ; hydragogue cathartics, especially salines ; and diuretics are indicated ;

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Spurrey, recommended for the food of cattle, and efpecially of

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attacks of epigastric pain and vomiting, occasionally with a little mucus,

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consumption are employed, food taken often and to some degree in excess,

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perchloride of iron to the urine often produces a dark brownish red colora-

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favourable prognosis may be given, if the patient be a young adult ; for in

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work at which the individual is emjiloyed. and the season of the

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any practitioner he would find it equal to any course offered by any

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Properly regulated movements and properly applied massage are of

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establish a diagnosis. Carcinoma is often with difficulty excluded.

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crystals. No fibrin enters into their structure, but they may contain a

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Instructor in Pharmacology, Cornell University Medical Col-

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perties than one from an individual with tertiary symptoms. The serum

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:\rn/rox B. Haktzkll, A.M., M.D., LL.D.. Professor of

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