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congestion — though this idea bears in it the germ of a patho-

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gives us good sound practical facts in the form of results which

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beyond the limits of that practice which, most naturally,

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Xew York City, the American Medical Association, the Medical So-

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with hands and feet in practising. The account of these cramps

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her feet rest on the table. Now separate the knees, and shoulder

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close of the war. He was brevetted by the President of the United

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is visiting physician to the City Hospital, Pediatric Division. Con-

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cating with the main drain, with no provision for the escape of

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was not sufficient. It was necessary to complete it by

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as attending and consulting physician with St. Luke's Hospital,

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1. ' 'Skiagraphy in Orthopedic Surgery" (Med. Rec., Dec, 28, 1907).

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Jousset, in speaking of chronic gout and its treatment, began by

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genealogy, says: "Sarah Weir was a most efficient and

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C. Noble; "The Effect of Change in Atmospheric Conditions Upon

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member of various French, German and Italian Dermatological so-

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A course of local treatment was then adopted, with the hope

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cine, in the person of Dr. Flint, has to say to us to-day. We

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room ever used. It is a powerful disinfectant, the same author writes, as well as

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\Read before the Boston Homoeopathic Medical Society, February, 1883.]

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Brown, of New York City, now deceased, and from his entrance into

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epithelia ; 4. The gonococcus is absolutely present with every

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son, Francis Markoe, grandfather of Dr. James W. Markoe, who was

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Sulphur responds well to the general cachexia, when there

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faction than the use, in a case of epithelioma of the cervix uteri,

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Of symptoms pure and simple, the following, taken from Allen, 1

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their student-fees ; Dr. Jacobi further develops her " Experiment

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Copper Works, Swansea, South Wales, coming to this country in 1886,

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Wisconsin, and then removed with his father to Chicago, and was a

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and Practice (Leipzig : Edw. Haynel, 1854); Dr. Dudgeon, R.E.,

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in old cases that had not been ameliorated by division or

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having acquired the fundamental academic education, came to New

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the South, including Florida. His intention was to take a

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wise hydrocyanic acid. Recently Dr. Sircar of Calcutta has

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sion apparatus. We do not believe that the first-mentioned

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as lobular pneumonia. In milder cases, however, particularly if they receive

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Dr. J. J. Walsh, he also contributed the following: "A Complete Case of

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actual condition, and acting from impulses unknown, and motives