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1. Arrest of hemorrhage, prevention 4. Prevention of sepsis by proper care
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Being some Pi4>erB on Traps and Trapping for Vermin, with a chapter on General
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the adjacent parts, and thus relieve the obstructed portal circulation.
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terminal joints, may occur in old cases. When the paralysis occurs
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tire body, and the patient becomes bathed in a profuse perspiration. He
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convalescing. The pulse and temperature fall, the tongue becomes clean
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neck, and on the right side at the sternal end of the clavicle ; while aneu-
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instructions of Dr. Charles E. Still, collaborator of the text.
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P<tf/)((/io/i shows slight resistance at or below the epigastrium, the walls
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applied. In debilitated conditions, or in elderly people, the patient
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gninulav-looking debris. Coagulation necrosis may affect entire organs,
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sary to save the limb. Even in bad cases, if good drainage is secured,
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Treatment. — The treatment of diarrhoea will be determined by the causes
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the microscope failing to discover any corpuscular elements in the urine.
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How long should taxis be employed? This is a question of the
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Diagram illustrating Physical Signs of Cavities in the Third ^^^-^ „,^^^,,V, tttUI, ^r^-,-,rA-,
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slow and painless evacuations, and acts efficiently for a long time. In very
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and congestion as occur in septicemia. The body is generally greatly
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eroded and burst. Fatal hemorrhage has occurred from such cause.
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Being Comprehensive and Practical Instructions for the Mannftactare <» Flre-