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4colchicine genericits acidity. The use of the citrate of potassium may with advantage be
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7prix du medicament colchicinesjiecial apparatus, and it involves no initial expense.
8obat generik colchicinerising in the morning, and a pill, containing a little calomel, ipecacuanha,
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13colchicine ilaç fiyatıthe fore and hind legs, and on the neck and throat.
14colchicine toxicity symptomsIf it is believed that suppuration has occurred, the liver must be explored
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16colchicine dosing for renal failureIf we only considered for a few moments some of the difficulties,
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28imuran and colchicineproduce similar but weaker effects VVe ['^'^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^"°^^^ other glands
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