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of the diaphragm there was a collection of fluid, and that above

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W \i.kkk, F. V., first lieutenant and assistant surgeon. Re-

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lum, nothing but the greatest care and gentleness should be

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tddng wht^ we call passive exercise, such as that obtained in sloW'walking or in slow

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with the potencies of death, awaiting but the signal that an

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potassium, iodide and bromide with aperients gave no change.

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accessible only to ophthalmologists. A corneal examination

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UV: Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, 1034 N 500 West, Provo 84604.

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the electric current. Spitzka has lately outlined the course to pursue

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A fall of the internal temperature is a favourable sign, and is usually

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being general. From the facts brought forward by M. Flourens in

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excoriated in consequence. Some of the urine which was collected

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of trying to discover the missing portion ; as it was, it was evident

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' Medical and Surgical History of the British Army in the Crimea,'

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operative procedure, and the removal of the tonsils with this

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the soldier is selected after rigid examination and as a result

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the lower vascular surface. In this manner will the nourish-

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injury, the urine is not so scanty, but is more bloody ; and this

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formation of the Galvanic Battery. These inventions were fol-

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of rest, which is as difficult as that of Noah's dove.

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at least, of inhibitory origin ; but, after careful ex-

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witli a little boiled honey ; or else a small piece of c^stiie soap

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strong arm is possessed by him w r ho puts forth strength — makes

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to test the correctness of the reasoning on whicli the

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Pattern of initiation and termination of reentry. Circulation 55:702,

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first be obtained. It still contained some red blood-cells.

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battle of life. He has the most vulnerable of bodily tissues, and

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the conditioned reflex is being stimulated, the response does not occur.