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follows (paying special attention to Practical Anatomy during the first

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haps in part from the periosteum and the fascia? also. All these symptoms —

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ingly produces complete hemianopsia {vide page 478) of the opposite side.

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Treatment. — All authorities agree that the first essential in treating gout

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"Whether the apoplexy has caused hemiplegia at all, and if so in what place,

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as they may be directed by the Clinical Board, excepting stndente who enter

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ward, and the posterior bundle backward; the latter also serves chiefly to draw

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and weakness, etc.). Tabes is therefore a sequela of syphilis. It and

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seem to be decidedly better in the lymphomatous than in the granulomatous

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still more, circulation. One source of disturbance is the increased deposit of

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same manner as described in the treatment of anaemia (vide supra, page 66).

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53. Materia Medica and Therapeutics. — A lecture and conference course dealing

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all the classes to each student who obtains more than a certain fixed

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have been spent in some recognised medical school; two winter

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a simultaneous development of anaesthesia upon the opposite, previously nor-

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addition of chloric! of iron. Acetone is shown by Legal's test: a few drops

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time as the result of an apoplectic attack. The senile dement is also predis-

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four years' course ; (4) Medical Department of Tale College, New Haven, which

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use narcotics, such as injections of morphia. Embrocations of chloroform,

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This is often seen in gouty subjects, and in many instances seems to be con-

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Harry Gideon Wells, Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Pathology.

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l>e awarded to a senior student for proficiency in research in Morbid

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Gray, Percy Lee, s, Shelbyville, Texas. A.B. (U. of Tulsa) '26.

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The professional value of these appointments can hardly be over-rated.

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as an ill omen. Eeally, however, there is no serious clanger until chronic

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bral tumor. Of diseases with a similar course, abscess is recognized especially

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twelve weeks each. The Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters begin about the first

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Current practice at a majority of installations Is to local purchase fresh produce

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a practical knowledge of the nature and properties of the elements

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Anatomy, Practice of Medicine, Surgery, Midwifery, Medical Juris-

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Occasionally it is possible to trace the origin of this fear to some previous

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Erythromelalgia. — We should apparently class here this peculiar disease,

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been at work, and these are incomparably more potent in exciting hysteria

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to frequent the courses of studies given in the University will be free

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