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Prozac Nation By Elizabeth Wurtzel

inations are made with the patient resting on her back, either
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minor symptoms, such as moderate tachycardia and slight precordial
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it can, in most instances, only exert its action after
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— which she will continue to do till the fresh stimulus
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of the feces, and found that absolutely no bile entered
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the rectum. He gave the gelatine solution, which he
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instances of filarial origin, and pathologically allied to the commoner and
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position by means of the uterine sound, before we attempt to use the
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gitis, though it would seem that the metameningitis crippling of
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eight to ten millions ; and he claimed that a drop of blooil diluted
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like, kill the living parts on the instant of touching, and death
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the character of a wide-spread epidemic. In the vicinity of Provi-
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vertebral angles, but this braced back the shoulders to such an extent
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part of the Empire — its Capital now only twelve hours'
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ally, and with proper attention to accuracy in collecting
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The Supersexsitatiox of Persons suffering from Diphtheria
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any one who is to participate, even in a subordinate capacity, in the
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to the observations of Pembery, who found tTiat during
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cerebral affection should be found. In many of my inspections, not the slightest
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from a negro aged twenty-seven; the prostate and its outgrowths
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time, but it seems very clear that even he must have
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Dr. Brown-S^quard assumes, in his estimate, that the left
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sium salts, when heated with distilled water (80°-90°
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and been removed by disease or the surgeon's knife, no oue having
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last three days; the thermometer rising" part of the time as high as ninety-three
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poses, to the increased activity of the capillary circulation. The
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stance lost. First, there is a lowering of blood pressure followed
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view, to avoid injuries to the adjacent and contiguous organs.