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(b). Influence of Meteorologic Conditions. — The temperature, the

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Serum into the Lateral Ventricles — Effete Tubercle in the Pons

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of ulceration of the sigmoid and rectum, and by English sur-

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to find any other record of Freke 's forceps after careful search and

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to satisfy their own consciences, and give to their patients the full

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that it affected alike the vaccinated and the unvaccinated : that

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lation which is antidotal to the poisonous emanation from the germs, and

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cultures were obtained. The growth was washed off with sufficient distilled

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"Read iu the Section of Medicine, Royal Academy of Aledicine in

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"apparently," for the new scar tissue into which such pus sacs are

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Mr. H. Tyrrell mentions a case where twenty minims of the Tinc-

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Professor Syme's jocular remark that members of the Branch

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needed) and compression of the child's head and the danger to the

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sion are given. Simpson insists that governments should

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not consider it important that the former should include the peri-

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fever, cholera and plague have been reported to the Surgeon-

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and offered to advise him as to the proper way to have

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was over 105 F. and scarcely was below that for the ten days she lived,

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involvement. The affection of the lymph nodes was here very

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months aft^r convalescence has been established. It occurs in patients

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iiiUvlioM Ironi thr wmuhJ t.. the nn'iiiiiLTc^ .mJ ...rd. 'I'lu- p.iili,il,,i.n

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cessful practical application of the cellular theory.

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When the bill came up for consideration by the Senate, Dr. Long pre-

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Resume of the Dispensary Conducted by the Wake County Health Department

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patient or with infected objects, but who have not fallen ill themselves.

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" When the food and fluid are fairly distributed over the day, as is the case

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external parts. Gave chiorof. and applied forceps. No albuminuria. Good recovery —

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in such a way, that recovery was almost a miracle of

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The doctrines of the Gnostics have been held by some

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499 ; Sick poor, treatment of (see Infirmaries and Work-

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