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also often encountered, although the appetite may remain good throughout the

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hurried the action of the heart becomes, so much the more marked are

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anha or tartrate of antimony, we shall often protract the flway^ by

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applied, and this time v/ith complete relief. I tlien gave hov some in a

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us to entertain more favorable opinions of its efiicacy, and to

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urates can always be redissolved, and the cloudiness of the urine be

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resembles that of the spots of catarrhal inflammation in the uncollapsed

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fatty liver is transparent, smooth, and shining ; occasionally it is trav-

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ulcer or a cicatrix. WtUigan^ JBrirUon, and others came to similar

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my "Eeport on the Raising and Education of Abandoned

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than in the other form, and it afterward assumes a cartilaginous hard-

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first there is usually constipation ; but later, particularly when the dis-

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eventually removed the parasite from the field of the microscope that any

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pression ; 2, to the protrusion of new growths into its canal ; 3, to

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sorbed when the bile does not enter the intestines, and consequently

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Fessler, Julius. Ueber Actinomykose beim Menschen. Munchen. med. Wchnsch.,

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tected, and when no sibilant or sonorous rales indicate swell-

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Ordinarily the bacteria are grown on agar. The gonococcus does not grow-

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resistance is felt over the point struck. This is because a hepatized

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That bronchial haemorrhage is by no means so rare an event, where

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Dissert., Griefswald, (1893), 28 pp.; review by E. Roth: Centralbl. f. Bakt..

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phthisical lung receives more arterial blood than the sound lung. Part

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chus opens into the gangrenous spot; the ichor of the slough enters

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Phalkn and Nichols : Filaria Nocturna.] [Phil. Journ. Sci., Vol. Ill, No. 4.

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5. The intestine may be closed by one portion of intestine entering

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be the harbor and fosterer of the civilization of the republican

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deeper layers. Here, too, at first, numerous drops of fat are deposited

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miserable. I^o married woman, as a rule, at least none who

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chronic catarrh plays, not only in the dyspnoea, but in the cyanosis and

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