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there. He was admitted on April 2'.), 1874. when he
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sis, and intelligence exhibited in the management of the latter.
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ear discharges form 0.7 per cent of all ear diseases. The path of
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made a philosophical progress and one calculated to
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six days; in other instances a reduction of twenty-four pulsations was noted in
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Hygiene, 1894, xviii. p. 1 ; 1895, xix. p. 194.— 15. Pfeiffer, R, and Kolle. Ibid.
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detached by the after-effects of the injuries to which they have
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is common, too, to mistake vitality for vital tenacity. A child or an adult
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an old man came into my office and wished me to see his legs,
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It is principally, however, for the treatment of chronic, tuber-
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upper, and not as upon a pivot, when the elbow is bent. When the arm
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tem will become so debilitated by winter, and so sus-
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In whatever way we explain the connexion, it is matter of
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churches and school-houses, raised children, and made men and women