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Ave must especially mention the very valuable contributions of Dr. Wilks.

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The newspapers have been so full of Koch's discovery that it

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is at an end. If this could be done with every patient in the United States

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irregularities of the stomach and intestines. Body waste, which, when

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regurgitation and such a loud murmur ; but on examining the heart his

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the anterior surface of the lower part of the ampulla and in size was

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(cor.). The substance is practically insoluble in benzene, sparingly

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to believe that, very frequently at least, the lesion,

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Division of labor, to this extent, could not have been established

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completely resistant, or "fast," to its action. A similar phenomenon

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grene may supervene, care should be taken to completely re-

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as " drunk or dying." In alcoholism the pulse is rapid,

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occasionally be met with in gunshot wounds, yet its features be

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lar rheumatism; but with a view to promote resolution of the

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During the months of October and November, when the daily quantity of urine fell

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strain, evaporate to 2 pints, and dissolve the sugar in

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ficed to keep the cavity air-tight. They were then connected up with

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towns in which antimosquito measures were undertaken in 19 18,

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a lens, it will be found to be pale and exsanguine, which is due to this

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increases the volume of tissue fluid, which is then drained away by the

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in about three months. In this case, the pleurisy was

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the Philadelphia Naval Hospital and ordered to the " Iowa."

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of the food materials which demand certain precautions

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