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•6158 Cohen, S. S. System of physiologic therapeutics. Ed.

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when there being no further discharge, it was left off, and the tinct.

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consequence of the mixture of bacteria there present, such examination,

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with this remarkable increase in the urinary toxicity.

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in search for the obstruction is by far a less hazardous procedure

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Treasurer, General Secretary, and nine other members elected annually

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ox and cause stricture. In such a case, as the catheter cannot be

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a critical digest of all the information therein contained, and of all that can be gathered from

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sweet and odourless, that to which the plain starch had been used

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When bacilli have established themselves in the tissues

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Ether acts as a respiratory stimulant, and, when the patient is

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be diagnosed, especially if a source of infection is ascertained. The

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Uric acid, 0.5-1.25 gm. - Sulphuric acid, (SO 3 ), 2-2.5 gm.

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monthai after the operation the patient menstruated. The period lasted

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abnormal prominence of bone, and the longer the false bursa has existed, the

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as it is one of our best guides to the point of disease.

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It is most important to know the source of the fallacy which is due

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healed, and the terrible backing cough entirely disappeared.

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So far as the direct or indirect causes of pneumonia are con-

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is difficult to realize the enormous extent of the med-

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to a considerable extent, the inhabitants very generally resorted to

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symphysis pubis. The eructations now became intensely acid, as was

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remote results satisfactory'? (2) The eff'ects of fibromyomata on the

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{)ain. The left leg and thigh were next carefully manipu-

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a sound clear-thinking man, full of original opinions, energetic

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puts forward the view that in those disposed to epileptic attacks

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1907 n. — The development of the Leishman-Donovan parasite in Oimex rotunda-

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and pleasing the most critical. The first volume contains