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The Wicked Microbe not yet Found. — The President
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posterior mediastinum, with the roots of the lungs above, and the oeso-
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The patient made a very satisfactory recovery The nrme
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The contents of the stomach are rendered alkaline with sodium hydroxid, and
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a good work in thus throwing more light on the obscure sub-
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myself the more justified in so doing, as Pfannenstiel's
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become more marked, and the pain is of a throbbing type. A chill
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and pressure sense, then the appreciation of the active movements essen-
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445 engravings, 18 plates; $5.50. Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia.
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experience teaches us that throtthng almost certainlv^ and strangula-
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dryness of mouth, thirst, weakness, lethargy, drowsiness, restlessness, muscle pains or cramps, muscular
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and at last died absolutely worn out. After death, the part of the anterior crural
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must guard them against the effect of disturbance of the mater-
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schoolroom, since it carries with it the elements of
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"sachet for rectal instruments" on p. 514, so far as we can see, differs
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apolis; secretary, C. L. Bonifield, Cincinnati ; delegate, W. P.
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and tatty degeneration. The problems involved are certainly more complex
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come again, with which they complied; the college still claimed the certi-
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there is only one certain test of the existence of pulmonary tubercu-
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and Schamberg, 168 died, a mortality rate of 79.62 per cent. In modified
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" .\brahamson, I. : Journal of yer%'Ous and Mental Disease, Vol.
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lower lip, or in its vicinity, though it was carried out also in the earlier
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tlie Professor which the great importance of the sub-