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To the secondary forms of meningitis in the table I

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In 1842 Gull was appointed to teach Materia Medica at

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Idiopathic epilepsy is distinguished by the attack coming on suddenly,

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The intestines are also subject to a chronic kind of enteralgia,

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' Medicine; Fellow of the American Academy of Medicine, etc.

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easy, for by this means the infection is very effectually spread,

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The well known arsenical solution of Fowler, in one-half to one

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measures he employs ; unless, which would largely diminish the dis-

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Wright and Stokes, Howard and others, based on smaller groups of cases,

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coccic meningitis were secondary to pneumonia and empyema, which in

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The prolapse of the tongue w as only of two months'

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Equally important, almost, with the medication, is the

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other organisms; Charles A. Kofoid, Sidney I. Kornhauser and Olive

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