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suffered a good deal from their apprehensions under
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never was better exemplified than in his life and career.
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fluids of experimentally infected animals. Examination of the blood
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for using those '^courteous'' words, "boasting", "vanity",
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March 13th, 1888, for large urethral calculus, which was ex-
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ing to Azam, it is liable to bring on attacks in cases of epileptic or
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be made out. With this stage, which is called suppura-
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has been adopted since the completion of the original work, has
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deceptive mask. And so society will, Maenad-like, twine flowers
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pearance to the skin. The branches of the saphena are vari-
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excused from all heavy drill and hikes. The active duty of Case 11 in
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may be added some others, already mentioned in the course of
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2nd, Mode of life cannot be the cause, though it also may pre-
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five years before anaesthesia as 184, while in the five years after
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action of veratrum viride, a remedy of which much more has been writ-
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of treatment to pursue. When Dr. Hitz saw the case it was
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the esophagus and intestine. For example, the application of a stimu-
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Neuralgia Maxillaris is seated in the inferior maxillary nerve.
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other blanket or sheet over him; provide a pail of tepid water, a
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Catheter Fever. — At a meeting of the London Medical Society,