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is removed, then decomposed with a mineral acid, and again distilled.

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average age. By the "commoner" is meant the one who leads a

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case before the Society. On taking out the liver, the left lobe was seen

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Soc. ; Mem. Bos. Soc. Med. Improv. ; Obstet. Soc. of Bos. ; Bos.

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under our observation of oedema of the brain causing mental

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8 Photomicrograph of teased preparation of nervus ischiadicus of fowl No.

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Royal Academy of Surgery in Paris received the right to grant the

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general law in pathology that irritation in small degree stimu-

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tion of oxygen, held in combination, is the liberation of alcohol,

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and biological properties were studied and have been described. An exact

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tried every imaginable device for debarring germs from wounds, or for

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dition not present in any other wound I have treated on this plan,

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ripheral medullated nerve fibers after unilateral section of the

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three days is adverse to nursing the child. Slept most of

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1869 d. — Cysticerci cerebri. Thrombrose der Art. pulmonalia. Steine im Ductus

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(7), the reason being that it includes bread, tea and coffee for

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Morbid Anatomy. — (a) The oesophagus is rarely afTected. Ul-

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Dr. J. W. S. McCuUough, Chief Officer of Health, Ontario, delivered