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common Sprengel's shoulder with associated deformities. In this case
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vesical orifice through the opening in the speculum. The patient waft
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cases, however, a very large number of men are invalided as
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It is extremely seldom that he makes a trial t< free
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ing with tincture of iodin, or by rubbing in iodin ointment, blue ointment,
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sixty. I have seen what I supposed to be bony union
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normal. Two weeks later the discharge stopped, and the femur and tibia had become
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ifc is most apt to occur among those who inherit a predisposition to ner-
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Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility)
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again is done largely as a convenience since the use of the same
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with it stretched as a guide, the fingers were carried to
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under no circumstances should the pain be masked by opiates
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subject ; and I believe there is nothing of more vital
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cess attacks also other portions of the skin. It may appear in quite
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was made, in 3 of which recovery followed. Of the 8
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x-ray was so good that there could be no feeling of doubt.
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St. Clair Thomson, cerebro-spinal fluid continually dripped from the nose.
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contracted firmly after the incisions in the uterus were
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The disease seems to be more common than was first thought.
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fingers and thumbs of his two hands, and is sure he has got the
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the waTls are covered with cells which secrete the poison.
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disorder. About the face the little tumours may from time to time be
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under their observation within one week of such time. It shall
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temperate zones. It is characterized by congenital absence of
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ture, remaining in the pasture until October. In the middle of Octo-
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transferred at Portsmouth, his body weight was 169 pounds,
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ing under the enteric form of fever. Did she obtain benefit
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energies upon the tissues in the immediate neighborhood
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over with the iodine solution (iodine and iodide of potassium), the
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therefore natural ice is often impure. Ice made from distilled water
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Thaxks to the statbtics furnished by the Government, we are
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inoculation with the matter of cow-pox, and Avith it
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produces vomiting, or if less profound, dyspepsia and indigestion
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remains for an indefinite period. The posterior aspect of the upper por-
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of great assistance. Where the suppository was rejected
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32-66% of cases of delirium were unrecognized by the
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The other instance was a case of typhoid fever, which
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scarlet-fever patients just because more than fifty per
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Jones (H. P.) Report as resident physician of the Iso-
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