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there is loss of hair. Even in milder cases, very much can

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that it may gradually permeate the hair, and come in actual

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on the other side, and the patient died. At the au-

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ting warm, a little later asked to have some of the

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to communications between legal advisers and client at com-

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The technique will have to be varied somewhat, dependmg on

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safety of the mother and child demanding immediate inter-

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matous growth involving this plexus. There was, in addition,

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sumption, and tickling in the throat, contain opium in some form or other.

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so long in this condition showed, however, that she needed the coup de

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with a rheum, a palsy, a dropsy, or a fever. Ascites was

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report of the President of the University, states that :

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experiment, and his later report bears that she has greatly

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Fevers were more prevalent in April and May than in the usual fever

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about one hour before. He was unconscious, with pale face

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agement of patients during the puerperal state; it takes up the whole subject of the hy-

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may coexist or succeed each other in the same individual ; nine or

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applied to magistrates to have the imaginary persecution stopped. He had

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day-;, ami nervous symptoms allayed by the bromide of potassium,

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George's, Hanover-square, reported last week one case of

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safe from suffocation, even if it does increase the amount of mopping

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summoned, after carefully examining the child concluded

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alluded to, and that is dysmenorrhcea. The patient stated to me in private

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excessive meteorismus, and on the evening of the 80th the patient died.

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of 4 mm. In this case I used the solution i : 2,000.

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dren almost invariably do well at the sea-side, while mountain resorts are in

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The inner table was just barely pierced by the arrow-point. The fragment

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unusual amount of interest in the subject of Public

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1879, the result obtained by him at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh,

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such operation, whether the growth be solid, or encysted.

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Another very striking and almost constant metabolic disturbance in

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etc. : and if he also surfers from pollakiuria. dead fingers, cramps in the calves

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bated from first to last ; that attention should be

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length of time, and must be brought thoroughly in contact with all

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pheric pressure will keep the tissues in apposition in that

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effects and operations of the nervous system upon both, and the con-

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counties having the operations. The study indicated that

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