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ureteral orifices (as in the instrument of Luys and Cathelin), in the other to
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impotent for good, and diaphoretics are still less valuable. In my
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The indications are twofold: first, to limit and con-
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sule on the posterior aspect, iialf waj- between the pelvis
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coming to me. He saw Dr. Seguin and Dr. Gray, who advised
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Internship and residency at Brooklyn Hospital Center, New
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showed amoebae in the sediment of the urine. Such cases probably
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seizure such as accompanies bradycardia, the two constituting the
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kidney, died apparently of gastroenteritis; the other was
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the bowels may be enhanced by large injections of hot or cold water.
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majority of cases. Occasionally, however, there are cases in
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dental wounds, more or less septic. For these two classes
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4. — Henry reports the case of a man, 4.'5 years of age, who
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rally called for, and arsenic has virtues in obstinate cases little,
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compos or non compos mentis : if the latter, whether it be to a degree to ]
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" 13. The impossibility of maintaining a military health corps sufficiently
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posed by Heidenhain consists of the following steps
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Persons suffering from mitral stenosis live longer than is generally supposed.
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been guided by the fact that as much of the thyreoid gland
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ponding to the height of the pelvis, and the patient grasps with his hands
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of the kidney; so insidious, chronic, and difficult of recognition
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tiple tubercle generally — Concluding historical retrospect.
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Their apparent diseases do not exist, unless there is deficiency in other
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bilical vein, but a sound was introduced its whole length also. From his
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have mentioned as weighing 249.4 gm. and having a dry matter
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place in glass tubes containing a highly rarefied vapor or
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sowers of the seed in either near or distant parts.
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recent researches into this subject. It shows either that
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and for that reason alcohol should not be classed, nor in-
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The cells usually show a preponderance of mononuclears, but in a
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conus arteriosus by the overlapping left lung, so that
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may presume led the Senatus to arrive at its recent deci-
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