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formed for the purpose of evacuating liquid in the peri-

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home paddocks, on which there should be a good bite

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any thing for its relief. I gave it, as my opinion, that the child lay in a

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influence less frequently. In infancy, nevertheless, the first fit seems to

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Hence, it is seen that while the normal man may show slight changes

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Hence, it is seen that while the normal man may show slight changes

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armies when campaigning, has sorely smitten our brave

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back, with his legs a little apart, covered with perspiration. The

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scald is under the stocking, or any other tight garment,

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11. Danysz, J., Ann. Inst. Pasteur, 1914, xxviii, 238; Compt. rend. Acad., 1914,

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supplied him with a few luxuries which he unwillingly

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Capillary hemorrhage tends to spontaneous arrest, likewise the

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ent mould. He added to the organization great energy

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seen 1 case of two-day pneumonia with all the characteristic symptoms and

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been made by several military surgeons to allot different periods

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energetic. This treatment will usually shorten the acute stage to

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Case i. Charles H., colored, aged nineteen, came to St. Joseph's

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when she rose in the morning she failed in her effort to make

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The blood poisoning produces serious pathological changes, which seem

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sub-normal. Dr. Gowers, writing on this latter point, maintains that this

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cinchona, or do the other remedies, operate ? It has

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Clu.tterbuck, in this country, and Broussais in France. On the other

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Dr. Hallion, France; Professor Beattle, Austria; Professor Star-

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method becomes as expeditious as others and is as accurate as

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(2.) Contraction. — This is not so much a disease as it

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cavity with hydrogen peroxid and a mild antiseptic, ac-

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have given any characters by which these sounds may be distinguished from

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