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heart and its reflection on the pleurae, and is due to similar
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The Wassermann reaction was positive (Dr. Elworthy, Pathologist
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directly by the vascular system, or indirectly through the digestive passages.
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the pyogenic cocci. In no case of this series was the typhoid bacillus found
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des. — Vogel. Febris maligna biliosa America?. — Moultrie.
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and pure peritonitis, when the inflammation is limited to the se-
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therefore are named Fluidifianis by Mialhe, who entitles the others
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shot injury ; suppurative osteo-myelitis of stumi) ; pyarth^^osis of knee;
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acini in size, which are devoid of hepatic veins (Fig. 5). In the
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3 p. 1., 530 pp., 1 1., pis. 107-114. 8°. Amsterdam. [Transl. by Martin
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latiua. While this hypertrophy has long been looked
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But it early became evident to me, that collodion was entirely unfitted
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a surgical operation. It is equivalent to saying that our method of
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tinguishes only three varieties of them : the colorless, the yellow,
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especially upon the nervous system, of an imperfect depuration
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watei:, and with it smooth over the whites, put the pudding
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But one cannot help but wish that the author had also incor-
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and the dose depends on that of the drug with which it is com-
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cians who, following the teaching of Hippocrates and
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Case II. — A. M., aged eight months, on 24th of December,
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Among the indications of your prosperity and sagacity, I
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which Avas impacted in the subglottic region of the larnyx in a child
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the course of two or three hours, the painful and dan-
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by the time it reaches the intake at Great Falls it may be that the
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have occurred than expected, the excess occurring chiefly from con-
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of money, and drafted a]ipropriate regulations for " stamping out "
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classification of epileptics, Bullard, W. X., 321; syphilis of the
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Utah, for instance, have different floras, but any fifty or
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tions of tubes, abscess sacs, which they have feared to handle from
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Six years ago, a man living in the environs of Paris frequently
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The sac, therefore, exists from birth, and is not manufactured from
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of heel-jerk and knee-jerk. His epigastric reflex was well marked :