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distressing ailments to which our fellow creatures are sub-

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lowing conclusions : Gastrotomy, far from being an invariably fatal operation,

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ous reports on the subject vary as to the efficiency of moving joints

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repudiates the theory of increased reflex peristalsis,

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abscess were constituted by all the organs in contact with the puru-

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side or supine positions— except in infants with chronic

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conjunctiva are of a pearly whiteness ; the voice is puny and puerile,

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for calling it angiokeratoma, either clinically or histologically. There were

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Wernicke's hypothesis that double lesion of the angular gyrus causes

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so that there is less time left for any material alteration of the

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when it is offered for sale. Registered stock is worth

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1920. Scarlett, Hunter W., M.D. 230 S. Twenty-first St.

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and other judicious breeders of Warren and Butler coun-

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are small; or, if he has progeny, that they will almost

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low fever and nurses who rendered satisfactory ser-

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the autumn she could walk a couple of miles at a very fair rate

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carry out these precautions carefully I had to deal with a very

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it is evident that the effluent stream should be considered,

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1:00 to 2:00 p.m. However, one of the staff is available during the

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by others, all of whom do not join with See in rating

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eased ; and that if he understands the derangements of an organ he knows enough.

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It is better to amputate at the junction of the middle and lower thirds.

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eminently scientific men of Europe who find a more abundant and con-

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from the blood of a patient with endocarditis, there is sufficient ground

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influence. This depression is not in a direct, but in an in-

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season meats m cooking; it is of d very pleasant flavor,

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its progress. Or it may limit its action entirely to the breathing

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capable of undergoing such variety of shape. But epithelium

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paper had only seen recurrence of the gangrene in one. In

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the dam should be given a clean, roomy, well bedded box.

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Macphail, Jamkk M. Eyes Right. Second Edition . (Butterworth & Co. (India) Ltd.) R.l.

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must be maintained by exercises at certain intervals of time,

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infants; (2) prepared buttermilk is well borne soon after attacks

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were built. I have referred to walking as one mode of

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teaching device to illustrate the various signs and symp-

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the whole uterus swings downward and then swings back when the

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an appendicular lesion by the lack of severity of the pain and

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this meeting, which should serve as an incentive to unite professional

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source of infection to those near him, as, adopting the views of Fliigge,