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epidemics, subcutaneous injections of morphia are as little fitted as all other

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latus a quite exceptional position among pathogenic bacteria, and they con-

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that this young man's disease was aggravated by mental depression, and

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rub the limbs thoroughly from below upwards, then put

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shallow cast iron pot, which is supported on bricks in a tub of

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and at timee thickening of the dura, and rar^y tumor formation.

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Hesloj) : Case of Movable Kidneys. Brit. Med. Jouni. June 12.

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About an inch to the right of this was the other, which

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Athletic Trainers of Massachusetts; Childhood Injury Prevention Resource

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hyaline substance. Hyperemia and lymph-stasis, although of not so

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own cellar. The bottoms were knocked deftly off and

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riers or victims” of these disorders in insurance policies. BILL

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Guthrie relates that, " during the war with the United

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further education. We know this to be so, because we can

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ica he was appointed, in 1871, acting assistant surgeon

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tion,— took the beaded fibres for hoUow tabes with scattered globales InsMe, pevfaiva "*• the lematos of Tetfela," as

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Let it alone! I gave her stimulants, left her in the above posi-

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600 grains, and had a diameter of a little over half an inch ("534

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Urinary bladder free from gas. Blood lac-colored, with soft dark clots.

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have each diaphoretic properties, but when combined it makes

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' Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, No. 4, 1879 ; Medical Bulletin, Phila-

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tissue on the corresjwnding side of tiic neck was clearetl away from

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12. Miirz] <Miinchen. med. Wchnschr., v. 39 (16), 19. Apr., p. 280; discus-

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occurred on the twenty-second day). " As a rule," he adds, " the