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invasion of micro-organisms. Even where the exciting cause has been a

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state the filaments are few in number, visible only by transparence,

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cious. To obtain the antiseptic and antiparasitic effects, it is

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child fifteen months old. Recovery in ten days, and rapid

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the left Mammary Gland and the other immediately above it. They

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can be attributed only to the active preventive meas-

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shall, without further comment, proceed to lay before the profession

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tion, usually increase, and the patient's strength gradually

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alent to graduation from an accredited high school of

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had been in the habit of using a soft-rubber nipple,

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considerably broadened, divided into two zones, a pale one in the

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joint on a slighter but similar accident, such as slipping off a curbstone, twisting

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The dihydrate separated as glistening rhombs, the amount being

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nervousness. Fainted on the 30th; pulse, 120, and complaining of

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cd wreck \ and almost invariably where there is much standing, walking or

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No compression of the cyst should be made while it is in a

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cock, of Chicago, Rose, of Kansas, Schell, of Indiana, are a few among

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are recognized by representation in their respective

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ibservers, he concludes that these particles are organisms, the

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single cases occur in a large family or school, without exten-

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Uncouple: Each driver stands in front of his mules, uncouples the

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cloves, pounded. Stir well for a quarter of an hour, then add

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{ever 21, whooping-cough 17, cerebro-spinal meningitis 11,

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all the eminent clinical reporters whose works he may read. The des-

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thanks to lumbar puncture, seen to occur and be recovered from

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The Eoman saddle and impedimenta weighed 6 stone 7 lbs.,

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the mercurial preparations ; for the same quantity that

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107 degrees and parasites were found in the blood. All cows

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view, subverted; but the subversion of many of woman's privileges began

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ing in general surgery and E.E.N. and T., all at a large

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